Habitat Project Tour

On March 16, 2024, South Metro Pheasants Forever Habitat Chairman Dean Titterington attended a habitat project tour sponsored by the Morgan County Chapter. A focus was on corners that were planted with specific grass and other plant species that provide food and nesting cover. Dean’s German Shorthair Pointer, Powder, tagged along with him for the trip. Some youngsters, pictured here, got a big kick out of Powder actually going on a strong point from the roadside! A nervous rooster then flushed to provide a “perfect point” to what these conservation efforts are all about! 

Thanks for attending the Bird Dog Health & Colorado Upland Hunting Presentation

We had a great turnout at the event on Thursday. Special thanks to Michelle and Cherry Creek State Park for allowing us to use the lakehouse for our event – it was a great space!

We had 29 people attend in person, with five new memberships purchased. We had a total of 35 people sign up, but not everyone could make it – we appreciate their support though!

Our dog health presenters, Elizabeth & Tara, provided really good and extensive information on dog health, nutrition, and field injuries/what to do. We will reach out to them to see if they can share their slides or a summary of their notes for attendees.

It was very nice having Sarah and Peyton from the PF biologist team there to talk about what they are doing and seeing in the field. We’d like to regularly include them in future events. 

Everyone learned a lot from the presenters!

The event was held Thursday, November 9, 2023, at the Pelican Bay Lake House @ Cherry Creek State Park. Light bites & drinks were provided.

Attendees got to meet and listen to PF biologists report on their current projects as well as an upland hunting forecast! Attendees also heard fellow upland hunter and veterinarian technician, Tara Clingman CVT, make a presentation and demo on how to keep your bird dog safe and healthy this season. Tara covered relevant topics such as snake bites, other animal bites, cuts and wire injuries in the field, broken nails and paw injuries, dehydration, and overheating. She also demonstrated wound dressing and injury assessment.

Cherry Creek State Park waived the park entrance fee for those who attended this event. We also gave out prizes donated by top dog brands as well as Pheasants Forever!

Any questions? Please feel free to contact our Outreach & Events Coordinator and Banquet Chairwoman: Kylie Alstrup,  kyliemalstrup19@gmail.com 

South Metro Pheasants Forever wishes you and your bird dog a happy & healthy hunting season!

New Cottonwoods at Barr Lake

On June 29, Barr Lake State Park and South Metro Pheasants Forever hosted a team of Oxy volunteers in a Cottonwood replacement project. The cottonwoods that surround Barr Lake serve as a home for many different species of animals that are reaching the end of their lives. The project planted a dozen cottonwoods in a meadow on the south side of the park’s preserve area.

A special thanks to both Barr Lake staff and Oxy volunteers for joining us in this project! And a big thanks to all of the PF volunteers who support these projects.  Our wildlife thanks you.  

Earth Day 2023

On Saturday, April 22, a cold and blustery Earth Day, South Metro PF again sponsored adding to the pollinator plot at Barr Lake State Park. Joined by the Wildlands Restoration Volunteers and with Oxy’s financial support, Pheasant’s Forever volunteers and Barr Lake staff guided the planting of 130 + rabbit brush bushes and a variety of flowering plants. The purpose of the pollinator plot is a multiyear project to enhance the habitat environment for birds and bees while providing a great educational environment for the community.

ISE Show Volunteer Opportunity January 12-15th

Dear Members and valued supporters of South Metro Pheasants Forever:

We have purchased a booth at the International Sportsmans Expo (ISE) and are looking for Chapter members who are interested in volunteering to help with the PF booth.

How it works… You sign up for the morning or evening shift to work the booth. It is a great opportunity to meet other members and help promote PF to the Expo attendees. The balance of the time you can spend enjoying the show.

To sign up: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/904054AA5AB28A5F85-isebooth

If you have any questions, please contact Shane Rugg, Vice President, South Metro Pheasants Forever & Quail Forever

Private Land Fundraiser Hunt!

Congratulations to SDPF auction winning hunt teams of Doug & Wendy Heersink, Matt Sawyer & Natalie Wurzer, and Mark Campbell & Joe Nobles!

Total raised for both chapters was $6,425!

Ever wanted to have access to bird-heavy, private land in mid-Kansas? Here is that unique opportunity!

South Metro Pheasants Forever is partnering with Kansas PF Smoky Hill Chapter 424 for a two-day hunt on private lands near Hays, Kansas. Six hunters and an SMPF chapter representative will travel to Hays on Thursday, Jan. 5, 2023, and return on Sunday, Jan. 8. We will stay in a lodge and hunt on Friday, Jan. 6, and Saturday, Jan. 7. Pheasant (limit 4) and quail (limit 8) abound on the properties we will hunt. The property owners will hunt with us (they know where the birds are!). Note: in the event, we get snowed out, a secondary date of Jan. 19-22 will be held.

Auction details:

  • Bids are for a 2-person team and start at $1500/team ($750/person).
  • Each team of 2 hunters should have a dog
  • Hunt will be awarded to the highest 3 (2 person teams) bidders.
  • New bids must exceed the previous high bid (cannot bid for 2nd/3rd place).
  • All funds, minus expenses, will be split between the two chapters.
  • Auction will start on Sept. 10 at 8 am and close on Sept 24 at 5 pm.
  • Read details below on how to bid.

Hunters are expected to be experienced with hunting safely under a variety of conditions including blocking, covey rises, etc. All hunters are responsible for their own, and others, safety. 

  • Access to more acres than we can hunt in 2 days.
  • Lodging in a bunk style (1 room) building converted into a fully equipped lodge (not fancy).
  • A field lunch and simple dinner will be provided.
  • Dogs/kennels allowed in lodge.

Not included in the hunt:

  • Hunting licenses, dogs, shells (this is not an outfitters hunt).
  • Breakfast or snacks (fridges are on site so food can be stored as needed).
  • Drinks, water, personal items.
  • Transportation.
  • Motels nearby if preferred

May 25, 2022 – Habitat Project at Barr Lake State Park

On May 25th, Oxy, STEAD school, Pheasants Forever and the Barr Lake team all partnered to provide protection and food for our bird friends of all varieties.  

400 feet of nesting, berries and shelter were on the agenda for planting.  First, the holes (185 of them) were dug.  Six cubic yards of compost and mulch were used to make our new plants welcome as we tucked them into the ground. Our new residents- 35 Junipers, 60 each of chokeberry and sumac bushes were planted. 

There were approximately 60 people present to do the planting -20 students and 5 adults from STEAD school, 30+ Oxy employees, the Pheasants Forever Habitat and outreach chairs, and a half dozen employees from Barr Lake.

All enjoyed the morning of connecting to each other, and to the wildlife that we are helping protect! 

April 23, 2022 – Hands-on Habitat Project

In partnership with Barr Lake and Oxy, SE Metro Pheasants Forever Chapter joined the national effort for “Hands-on Habitat”. This project highlighted dry lands habitat development in Barr Lake’s Educational Plots. Previously, the primary development has been with the pollinator plot. This project planting included planting rabbit brush and prairie dropseed plants. It also included a dry land seeding of a grass mix specifically designed by the National Pheasants Forever wildlife team. The mix included Blue Stem, Indian Grass, Switchgrass as well as several other native grasses.