Welcome to South Metro Pheasants Forever. We are a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization dedicated to the protection and enhancement of pheasant and quail and other wildlife populations in Colorado through habitat improvement, land management, public awareness, youth, and novice outreach.

Our local chapter in Colorado was founded amongst those upland hunters and sportsmen and women in your community. Our goal is to provide those avid outdoorsmen and women an opportunity to assist in the protection and enhancement of pheasants and other upland bird populations around the local area.

Pheasants Forever is the only national organization with a model of chapters keeping 100% of the funds they raise. While belonging to a larger national organization that has a voice on federal and state conservation policies, chapters are tasked with finding projects for their funds. Our Mantra: No Child Left Indoors!

Our Mission

Pheasants Forever is dedicated to the conservation of pheasants, quail, and other wildlife through habitat improvements, public awareness, education, and land management policies and programs.

Our Vision

South Metro Pheasants Forever will be leaders in upland bird habitat conservation, new hunter education and recruitment and creation of hunting access.

Our Values

We agree to:

  • Collaborate respectfully valuing every volunteer’s opinion and contribution
  • Maintain an environment of openness and transparency in governance
  • Maintain integrity in all dealings and decisions (especially related to conflicts of interest and adherence to the PF mission and allocation of funds and volunteer hours)
  • Move forward with a commitment to the Pheasants Forever Mission
  • Support Pheasants Forever priorities at both the State and National level
  • Create a family-oriented organization
  • Welcome all individuals committed to the mission
  • Develop future leaders of the Chapter
  • Share the responsibility for the efforts needed to succeed
  • Share in our collective success

South Metro Pheasants Forever Fact Sheet

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South Metro Pheasants Forever Chapter Officers

David King, President

Ph: 303.888.4068
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David King currently serves as President of the South Metro Pheasants Forever Chapter #816 in Denver, Colorado. His current focus is to apply his rich business background to supporting this conservation minded non-profit organization. As a life-long outdoorsman, conservationist, hunter, and fisherman he welcomed the opportunity to give back and help an organization focused on wildlife habitat and conservation education.

South Metro Pheasants Forever | David King

Shane Rugg, Vice President

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Shane Rugg currently serves as the South Metro Pheasants Forever Vice President. He is a lifelong outdoorsman that has been lucky enough to have hunted everything from whitetail on the east coast to Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep in Colorado. He harvested his first game bird in 2016 with his two English Setters. Since then he has chased upland species from Kansas quail to Wyoming pheasants and Colorado ptarmigan. He belongs to Pheasants Forever, Quail Forever, Ducks Unlimited Wild Sheep Foundation, and many other wildlife organizations to which he dedicates his free time giving back.

South Metro Pheasants Forever | Shane Rugg

Stephen Altizer, Treasurer

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Stephen Altizer is a lawyer, a retired Army officer, and a new upland bird hunter. He went pheasant hunting for the first time in South Dakota in 2017 with his Uncle and was immediately hooked. Stephen believes it is important to preserve such traditions and opportunities for the future through conservation, education and outreach. Because of his agricultural background, he really wants to educate all on the mutually-beneficial relationship between hunters and farmers. Stephen is getting his first bird dog this summer, an Epagneul Breton, and is really excited to learn and grow in the sport with his pup.

South Metro Pheasants Forever | Stephen Alitzer

Scott Shepherd, Secretary

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South Metro Pheasants Forever | Scott Shepherd

Mel Wernimont, Habitat Chair

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Mel is the current Habitat Chair drawing on his experiences owning farms and building wildlife friendly farms. His passion for creating sustainable farming and integrating long term conservation energizes his current work with Pheasants Forever. As a life member, he is committed to keeping wildlife for future generations. In his work life, he is trained as a psychologist, had a family practice for 30 years and then built a consulting company specializing in small business transitions. He has hunted since he was 8 and has a 2 year old short hair.

Mel Wernimont | South Metro Pheasants Forever

Kylie Alstrup, Games Manager

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Kylie currently serves as the South Metro Games Manager and is also an active member of the Banquet Committee. She is a true Colorado native who has been hunting and fishing with her family all her life. While attending college at Colorado State University, Kylie was introduced to Pheasants Forever, and has been a member ever since. Kylie is a Real Estate Paralegal and a proud dog-mom to her pointing lab, Walter. She believes strongly in conserving nature, enjoying the outdoors and connecting with her community.

Kylie Alstrup | South Metro Pheasants Forever

Dean Titterington, Outreach & Education/Youth Chair

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Dean is a shopping center manager who splits his volunteer time between public education reform and Pheasants Forever goals of habitat restoration and No Child Left Indoors. Dean believes perseverance and common sense are the best virtues that one can bring to any endeavor.

Dean has been a charter school founder, a founding Board Member of the Charter School Institute and currently serves on the State Review Panel. He serves on the CPW Partners in the Outdoors organizing committee. He served in the U.S. Marine Corps. Dean has a B.A. in Business from Augustana College, Rock Island, Il

South Metro Pheasants Forever | Dean Titterington

Michelle Seubert, Assistant Outreach & Education/Youth Chair

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Michelle Seubert, Park Ranger, Park Manager at Barr Lake State Park, Colorado Parks and Wildlife believes it is important to encourage and educate people about the importance of getting outdoors.. Michelle has had the privilege to work in the Colorado State Parks system for 30 years starting her career at Cherry Creek State Park as a Seasonal Employee.

South Metro Pheasants Forever | Michelle Seubert

David Oine / Jodi Sutherland, Banquet Chair/Banquet Co-Chair

David, has been an outdoorsman for more than 4 decades with upland bird hunting being most all of those years. David recently moved to Colorado in 2002 and has added Elk Hunting to his repertoire. He has worked in the Pet Products Industry for 35 years and is an amateur bird dog trainer.

Jodi, has lived in Colorado her entire life as a “non-technical native” per David. She has always been drawn to the outdoors! Often found bringing home one critter or another in a pocket during camping, rock climbing and hiking adventures throughout her life! She is an avid fly-fisherwoman and respects life in every realm. Fully understanding the importance of habitat conservation and preservation, she is excited to learn as well as educate others. Her lifelong passion is to reach others, generate a laugh and is rarely seen without a smile!

Together, David and Jodi have been placed in each other’s lives and make an awesome team in life and supporting the South Metro Denver PF/QF as the current Banquet Chair and Banquet Co-Chair. Understanding that habitat conservation and youth and new involvement in the outdoor world all start with this, the largest fund raising event of the year.

South Metro Pheasants Forever | David Oine | Jodi Sutherland

Mark Scharfenaker, Communications Director

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Mark Scharfenaker is enjoying retirement doing lots more fishing and hunting with his PF friends and two English Setters after 30 years writing about water politics, regulation and science for the American Water Works Association.

South Metro Pheasants Forever | Mark Scharfenaker