Colorado Pheasants Forever Supports Our Youth

Youth Hunter Safety and Education

While we all like to have fun in the field and chase pheasants for miles, safety is one of the most important aspects. We promote and encourage hunter safety in the field. Through these classes and education, we show both youth and adults the proper ways to hold, maneuver and proper gun care. Getting those who are not familiar with a gun, comfortable with handling their firearm so that they can enjoy their hunts successfully. For more information when or where our hunting safety classes can be found, please follow the links below.

Youth Hunter Safety and Education

Become a Ringneck!

What exactly are they?

Ringnecks is the term used to describe youth members of Pheasants Forever. Ringnecks are youth who enjoy outdoor activities such as hunting, shooting sports, archery, photography, fishing, and gun dog handling; and who believe that they can make a difference in habitat conservation through educating other youth.

In addition, Ringneck members of Pheasants Forever serve as role models in their communities by promoting leadership, helping other youth to establish a connection with nature, and educating their friends and families about the importance of habitat conservation.

If I become a Ringnecks member, what do I get to do?

The Pheasants Forever Ringnecks Program is dedicated to introducing youth to hunting, shooting sports and other outdoor activities as described above.